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for By Theresa + Flora Rose Events

The branding for By Theresa is designed to encompass multiple facets, while feeling cohesive and personal. Metallics and blushes are paired with rich black and midnight blue for a dramatic and luxurious feel. The logo comes in various compontents for flexibility across platforms, with an emphasis on hand-drawn script and crisp typography for a feel that is custom and elegant, much like the services provided under the By Theresa brand. The overall look is refined, professional, welcoming, and stylish. 

Flora Rose Events By Theresa | Sacramento Wedding Planner | Branding by Nikkita.Co |

"I needed a professional brand for my small business and a personal one for me. Both would have to be high-end, professional, clean, polished; reflective of the work I do. At the start, beautiful visuals were my priority for this project but under Nikkita's guidance, I began to understand that branding goes beyond a nice logo."

— Theresa, Flora Rose Events | By Theresa


We began with an inspiration board with these goals in mind:

Inspiration for Theresa Vinson

Keywords: Polished, Elegant, High End, Personable, Beautiful, and Welcoming create a personal brand that is multi-faceted enough to compliment and provide a platform for an event planning company and a personal blog, the inspiration is elegant and warm—with a polish and professionalism that Theresa's customers know to expect with everything she touches. Drama is heightened by the contrast of pattern, texture, and color, balanced by simple forms and clean typography and geometric forms. The overall look is beautiful, welcoming, and luxurious.



Logo Design and Personal Branding for Sacramento Event Planner | Design by Nikkita.Co |

The primary logo for By Theresa takes two approaches. The first is an elegant hand-scripted version of Theresa's name, with the "By" contrasted in sophisticated type (shown above). This works well as a standalone and provides immediate personality. The second approach uses "By" for the scripted touch, with Theresa in a modern and clean sans serif (shown below). This concept is very versatile in that it lends a lot of personality and a luxurious feel, while also working well in different contexts to combine with the other elements of the brand. While it's not typical to have two options for a primary logo, Theresa's personal brand is in flux, and needed elegant variations to work in both standalone contexts and as a signature touch (such as a business card, an email newsletter, and areas where there is more space), and for places like a website header that are more compact. 

The Flora Rose Events logo also comes in multiple variations, and builds off the styles established with the "By Theresa" branding to compliment, but also distinguish itself with a clean sans serif typeface that pairs well with the classic serif face used in the "By Theresa" branding.


The brand board shows the logo variations, graphic treatments, patterns, color, and typography that make up the whole of the By Theresa and Flora Rose Events branding. The patterns include florals inspired by California native botanicals. 

All of the elements were provided in multiple colors and variations allowing for a flexible system that can work within multiple contexts and distinguish the personal brand and the event business from one another.

Event Planner Logo and Branding by Nikkita Cohoon | Detroit + Sacramento Brand Design |
Throughout our collaboration...Nikkita was seemingly educating me on the work she does and how best to reach our goal. I [now] have an appreciation for design because I better understand what is involved; Nikkita understands graphic design, use of color and typography, in a way that I don’t. She was patient and consistent throughout and as a result, I came away with a brand package that is simply dazzling! Without hesitation I recommend her.


The mockup below shows an example of how the various brand elements come together to create an elegant and luxurious feel. The details, color, and metallic effect combine to send a clear message to a prospective client that this is a person/business who pays attention to detail and provides the ultimate experience and focus for her clients.

The typography strikes a balance between delicate with flourishes in concert with the script of the logo, and clean and modern for legibility and style.


I was lucky to collaborate with Jodi Neufeld Design, who provided web design using the branding package I designed. See all the branding elements in context and read more about the web design process here

Image and web design by  Jodi Neufeld Design

Image and web design by Jodi Neufeld Design


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